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You can register for any of the core Computer Science subjects/Engineering Mathematics/General Aptitude.


Please find the full syllabus (Aptitude)(Mathematics and core CS Subjects).

Subject Price (INR)
Theory of Computation 7,200
Compiler Design 7,200
Databases 7,200
Operating Systems 7,200
Programming and Data Structures 7,200
Algorithms 7,200
Digital Logics 7,200
Computer Networks 7,200
Computer Organization 7,200
General Aptitude 7,200
Engineering Mathematics 10,500
Programming and Data Structures, Algorithms 10,500

1 Year(365 Days) form the date of registration


Please note that the videos are not downloadable. Sharing your access or trying to sell or distribute videos is a legally punishable offence. Earlier we caught some people doing this and they were punished legally and a huge penalty was imposed on them.