Teaching is his passion



Whenever I feel depressed, I used to talk to him

He is the one who inspired, encouraged and motivated me in every step to the way of my success. Whenever I feel depressed, I used to talk to him for 2 minutes then I get back to my work with full of energy and enthusiasm.

I’m feeling blessed because I was taught each and every concept in Computer Science for GATE by him. Many students know that Ravi sir is good at Computer Networks. But I know that he is the best in each and every subject related to GATE (CS). He is the best teacher I ever had in my life. His teachings helped me a lot in securing good rank in GATE 2013. His pleasant smile brings much more pleasant environment in the class. Never ever I feel bore listening his classes. He has helped me to know the crux in many concepts and still he is supporting me. Even just 1 hr before his marriage, he spent much of his time with me clarified my doubts. This shows his dedication towards his student’s career.

Without you, I could not do this. I feel proud to say that I am a student from one of the best departments in the world. This is because of your great motivation, encouragement, and immense inspiration. You are my Almighty. You are very concerned about my career. You have given me a wonderful life. Thank you so much sir :)

-Santosh Srinivas Karrotu,Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.


Mujhe bhi 1 chance de do, just follow what i say and i promise you good rank

I joined Gate coaching with an aim of getting NIT. I was working very hard on subjects, trying to learn concepts until he came in. Just when he started, i learned to enjoy subjects.The only teacher who spends time on motivating students along with teaching concepts. I still remember the line which he said in his first class " Mujhe bhi 1 chance de do, just follow what i say and i promise you good rank". And it was hard to imagine at that time that just by following whatever he said, i would reach here- "IISc" - Dream place for many but i have NOT even dreamed about it. Great teacher, motivator, mentor - does all his work with passion. Makes everything easier and interesting. Lucky to have him as a teacher. Hats off to whatever he does. -Pallavi Chugh, IISc.


Your motivation changed my life, as a result I got 21st rank in GATE

GABBAR PADHATA NAHI, AAG LAGA DETA HAI.... Truly speaking, when I joined classes for GATE, I planned to get good rank so that I may get some IIT, but your motivation changed my life which inspired me to do more than getting a good rank and getting admitted in IITs. As a result I got 21st rank in GATE and joined IISc.

Whenever I think of you, I am always encouraged to do something new, innovative a nd good for human beings rather than only thinking about grades and money. I found you more as a brother than just a teacher because you have not taught me only subjects rather you taught me way of life and always helped me in my all decisions. I would like to be associated with you in all phases of my life, and would like to work with you...

I have a lot to say, but can't express everything in words. -HIMANSHU PANDEY,M.E. (IISc)


Because of your teachings and blessings I got 141 AIR in GATE 2013

Thank you Sir for being so motivational and helpful. Because of your teachings and blessings I got 141 AIR in GATE 2013 and now I'm pursuing M.Tech. from IIT Kanpur. Thanks a ton Sir :)-Ankit Solomon IIT Kanpur.


I want to touch your feet once

Today whatever i m just because of u sir i want to touch your feet once . when i do this i feel like that i m in the heaven .sir i tell ur story to my parents they always blessing u sir...my parents proud on me but sir i think i m not able to do this without your inspiration.



He says,“Things are to be used, People are to be loved”

Hi Friends… I am Vasanthi, doing my MTech in NITK Surathkal in Computer Science. Today is very special day to me and I would like to thank the person for helping me in each and every step in my life. I am a girl who lived in a small village having no exposure to the outside world. Facing financial difficulties and health problems, I managed to get 74000 rank in EAMCET [Engineering entrance test within Andhra Pradesh] and got admission in a startup college. I never heard of IITs and NITs till my BTech 3 day, a person came to our college. He has done his Mtech in IISc Bangalore. He explained us how the life will be at IITs. His words built confidence in us, motivates us to achieve anything in life and removed the word “Impossible” from our thinking. He said, he is starting a GATE coaching institute and the very next day, I went to join his institute. I felt that everytime you speak with him, he fills his words with a lot of love. Those days were the memorable days in my life. He created such an environment, even when we don’t have classes we love to be there and enjoy. I enjoyed a lot and those were the very precious moments for me. I learned so much from his teachings, not only studies, but also about life. He says life is not but being happy and making others happy. His helping nature is incredible. For many students including me, even if they are ready to pay, he never accepted money from any of them. He says, “Things are to be used, People are to be loved”. He always says to have overconfidence, passion and be greedy to achieve success in life. After joining Mtech, I didn’t meet him, but his words always motivated me and helped me to take the right decision in my life. Today I got placed in ORACLE, my parents are very happy and proud of me. I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart for helping me discover myself. Without him, I could not have been what I am now. Thank you Ravindrababu Ravula, for being instrumental in shaping my career and moulding me in to the person I am today.-Vasanthi,Oracle.

I learn alot

I learn alot in teaching and apart from teaching i also learn practical aspect of study. -Rajeev Kumar Gautam IIT-Bombay


Learn Search and Develop

You help me to realize purpose of my life. You motivated me to an extent that I made it into Microsoft FTE(full time employment). My confidence boost up very much after attending your wonderful, lively classes. It was just few days before I was very much depressed after third year but your motivational speech and the books you suggested us to read specially "Magic of thinking big" helped me to realize my potential. Thank you Sir :) - Arjita Mahajan


Ravindra sir motivated a lot. With that I got AIR 203

Hi Friends… I am Singam Srinivas Reddy, doing my MTech in IIT KHARAGPUR. I completed my B.Tech in a local college in my state(Andhra Pradesh).I would like to say few words regarding my life . I am very much thankful to the person who is the more respectable after my parents. He is Ravindrababu Ravula, the only person who had changed my negative energy to positive energy . Now I m studying in IIT which is possible only because of his inspiration and teaching. At the time of my B.tech final year I was thinking like entering an IIT is an impossible task to me . In my first attempt I was disqualified in the GATE examination. After this incident my confidence got reduced to zero for cracking GATE. At that situation my life is full of depression and unhappy. Failure is my close friend and success is my enemy. At that phase Ravindra sir motivated a lot. With that inspiration next year I got AIR 203. Now I am studying M.Tech in IITKGP. I didn't see such a person who have passion in teaching. Not only teaching I learned so much from his teachings. Not only studies, but also about life. IMPOSSIBLE is POSIBLE if ravindra sir is there. The days when I spent with him are the most memorable days in my life. I feel he is my own brother he shows that much affection towards me. Finally I owe you a lot in my entire life.
Thank you bro, for giving this wonderful life.-Srinivas IIT-KHARAGPUR


Speaking about your teaching is like showing water drops to ocean

Speaking about your teaching is like showing water drops to ocean.What I mean from that is the way of your teaching style is superb.You are a wonderful person a gifted teacher. I am honored to be one of your student. Those problem which are like NP Complete for me ,you make them P. You are one of those teachers who shows a way to me how you can go beyond your limits. Teaching is your passion and you are doing it greatly. I will always be thankful to you. Doing a great job. Yo are amazing.!!!!!! -Ravish Kalyan IIT-KHARAGPUR M.Tech(1st yr)


If you have not met us...i might not be able to do this sir

if you have not met us...i might not be able to do this sir,i am very happy being in IIT Roorkee. IT IS JUST BECAUSE OF THE INSPIRATION YOU GAVE US.


His way of teaching and building concepts is extraordinary

Hi Friends,I am Sowmya Vempati doing my M.Tech 2nd year in IIT Kharagpur C.S.E.I took gate coaching from Ravindra Sir during my 3rd year B.Tech at Guntur.At that time I had no idea about gate and benifits of doing M.Tech in IIT's and NIT's .But at the first day of coaching I was really impressed by sir's motivation about getting good rank in gate and pursuing M.Tech in IIT's .His way of teaching and building concepts is extraordinary.I got 11,000 rank in my first attempt (in 3rd year B.Tech).He is the only person who had belief on me that i will surely get in IIT's and motivated me to not give up gate.As a result i prepared for gate in my 4th year with rigorous efforts and the result is ALL INDIA 228 in GATE CS-2012.Now i am at IIT because of you sir.Thanks is a small word for Thanking you sir......Sowmya Vempati IIT Kharagpur


Ravi Sir is a great teacher and even grater mentor

He teaches in a very interacting manner. If after some teaching he finds that energy of class is down then he will change the topic or crack some jokes to get everyone's attention back. This is very useful and result driven for an average student like me. And to achieve success of any kind, motivation and positive energy matters a lot then knowledge. Ravi sir is constant source of motivation and energy for me. I will be always thank-full to him for his teachings, motivation and support. He shares a great credit in my success. - Jyoti Bala Solanki IIT-Bombay.

you have tought me to help others without expectations

Hello sir, You cant even imagine how much I am happy to write you this testimonial. This was the thing I always wanted to do. I have learned a lot of things from you. firstly you have tought me to help others without expectations. Unlike other trachers you always listen to every student who want to share problems with you. Thats the thing which i like very much in you. The other thing is you have taught me how to work hard and frankly saying sorry to disappoint you by my result but one thing i promise this time i wont disappoint you. Always keep me in your touch sir and thanks a lot for what you did for me. Nitin Sharma.


His true words gave me courage and confidence to score in gate even after 2 failed attempts in GATE

Hello everyone,If you have any doubt in the phrase,"All power is with in you,you can do anything and everything", Ravindra sir will explain and made you to believe that you actually had.That true words gave me courage and confidence to score in gate even after getting job and even after 2 failed attempts in GATE. Thank you Ravindra sir -Ratnakar Bollu, IIT MADRAS.


It was a great honour to write this testimonial

First of all I would like to say that it was a great honour to write this testimonial for one of the best Computer Networking teacher. It was not just the CN material which helped me but also the way you made the lesson interesting every day. You were always willing to help us with any kind of problems-Kanika Shalini.


Your Quotes in Facebook are really good

your teachings helped me a lot in understanding technical concepts in an easy manner.You have done our days a Memorable one. You have thought Moral Ethics which helped us a lot like examples like how to live in Society,how to be helpful to others. Especially your POSTS(Quotes) in Facebook are really good those quotes are really Inspiring us. Please keep this momentum going on. -Kanika Shalini.


Everyone says this third sentence but he is the one who made us realize the hidden meaning behind this sentenc

Three quotes that changed my life for forever.
1. "Darkness is nothing but it is in reality the absence of light." Albert Einstein.
2. "Cold is nothing, it is complete absence of Heat." Albert Einstein.
3. "Failure is nothing but it the absence of successes. You can achieve anything unless you stop trying for it" Ravindra Babu Ravula.
Everyone says this third sentence but he is the one who made us realize the hidden meaning behind this sentence. Gabbar will make U An Engineer. -Ali Abbas.


Proud be your Student



You are my GOD of earth

You are my GOD of earth. And i pray to the GOD of Heaven that LONG LIVE YOU and YOUR FAMILY TOO with good health also. I 9 that you have many guys and they also respect and pray for you bcz u are the best teacher and good person so you can not remember me but it doesn't matter. After attend your class i realize the fact of real study.. that how can we create our future good. your way of learn is the best way .. bcz every guys understand it and they also understand the movie SHOLEY and SILK.. only You can do it and you did so. I always thankful of you and GOD that you are giving your important time to read my mail... your class was very helpful of me.Thank You very much The Great Gabbar SIR.. -Navneet Tyagi.


Just because of you

sir, i like topic ip addressing in cn just because of you...it helped me getting 2 marks extra in gate just because of that i got iit... -Hariom Tiwari,IIT.


Finally it is where I found myself and built my attitude

Hello folks! I am Amani Kongara, from Andhra Pradesh, doing my Masters at IIIT, Delhi. During my Bachelors, I got used to the standards there and never thought out of that. On the course of preparing for GATE, I joined the institute started by Ravindra Babu Ravula, where I found the life. After joining his institute, with in no time all of our friends realised how fun the learning is. It is there where I learnt everything in the correct way. It is there where we got to know that acquiring knowledge is not just learning Computer Science. Finally it is where I found myself and built my attitude. I owe him a lot because it is because of him that I am happy for what I am today... -Amani Kongara,IIIT-D.


Best persons i have met in my life

thanku sir for ur motivation and teachings.......u are one of the best persons i have met in my life... -Manish dubey.


A positive and motivated person

I am obliged and fortunate to be taught by such a positive and motivated person. its my honour to write something about you,sir. We are in a stage of life where there are many expectations from us by our parents, at times we go through so much mental pressure to succeed that we loose our self confidence and under estimate ourselves. sir you came to us with so much positive vibes and motivated,inspired us all to an extent that we can see ourselves with better lives in near future.. Many Many thanks to you Sir.. -Prachi Pathak.


Finally A Good Friend

Before I met Ravindra:
I was, like quarter (not even half) knowledged. Didn't know how much I can achieve even if I work. Know where to go (M.TECH), but nobody to steer.

When I was with Ravindra:
He is a great person with high levels of determination. He can simply be said as MASTER or ALL IN ONE. He tought me (us) all B.Tech level computer science, which is more than enough to crack GATE. I found myself to be neglecting the goal in the starting days, but he is man of masses. He tought theoritical computer science and the CURRENT TRENDS in the technology. Apart from the so technical things, he tought me much social, psychological things, a good phylosopher. He encouraged, filled confidence in me. All these things simply put me into Hyderabad Central University, and then into One Convergence.

How his teachings are helping me:
My favorite area is SYSTEMS (OS + CN + Cluster Computing). The concepts tought by him helped in my interview. Those are the foundations on which I am building my technical mahal. Finally A GOOD FRIEND
Now four words.......... WAIT.........THINK..........DO........ENJOY............ -Subba Reddy,Software Engineer.


Guys I can bet with you on the first day you will become fan.

Ravindra babu ravula, is the name when it just come to my mind, I get charged with the power of 440Watt. Dear Sir, you are the person who taught me and many of other people who came in contact with you, the way how to live a great life with good moral values. I met with many good teachers in my life but you are the one to whom I can call the great teacher(THE MASTER). Many people in this world you find advising others to do some good but they don’t tell how to do it, when do it and if any obstacle come in the way how to overcome but Sir you gave me each answer and cleared all doubts which stop a person to star his/her pursuit. I feel honored that I met you, got a chance to learn things from you. Its been complete one year and still I feel the line you said on the first day we met “If there is nothing worth you can die for, there is nothing worth you can live for”. You teach everything about life aim, education, ethics, love . I never saw a person with so much energy. I heard about the Dalai Lama that when He goes through somewhere a kind of positive energy flows in that place, I don’t feel less than that about you. You are always ready to help people. You are a good friend and a great Master. I can write a book on you that kind of person you are and surely I am gonna do this. Last but not the least all can say is that” you are a game changer “. Guys I can bet with you on the first day you will become fan. The way of teaching and listening to the problems of everyone and taking steps to change society and always motivating people to do so makes you an extraordinary man. I hearty feel that I am so lucky that I got a Master like you in my life. Thanx for being a true friend and master,,,J:- Pradeep Pannu, Thapar University. -Pradeep Kumar.


His class will never be boring

Ravi Sir, well, a lot to tell about him- He is an awesome lecturer who sentences concepts in an easy way so as to make his students feel interesting about the subject. His class will never be boring because he just not goofs up wid theory, rather teaches u in an practical manner. We always feel that he is one among us who is teaching .We eagerly wait for his next class,such an e nthusiastic person he is. He is very illuminative and spends his most of the time with students. Desire, Believe and Enjoy is his mantra. Rather than a Lecturer, we find him as our IDOL and follow him. If you have any problem, he is always there for u. Apart from all these, He is very handsome :D He is complete amass of a perfect person :) Thats why, we all love and respect him.ThankYou sir for everything. Whatever I am till now, I owe to u. -Ashmitha Singh.


He teaches you to become master in each n every aspect of your life

He just not only teaches u to become master in Computer Science....The best part is, he teaches u to become master in each n every aspect of ur life... #respect Its because of his guidance and teachings that i scored beyond many people's expectations in gate 2013 (AIR-320). He just acts like a catalyst to ur preparations... Can't express in words about him... If anybody want to know who he is then the best way is to attend a single class of him..( Action speaks louder than words) -Ankur Narwar NIT Trichy.


I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework

I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework...... Ravindra babu ravula is not just a name , it is INSPIRATION. I will be always thank-full to you for your teaching, motivation and support.I would thank RAVI SIR from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom. -Shashank Sheshar Singh IIT-Roorkee.


DON of Computer Science

Before I met you sir I knew where I want to go in my life however I never knew which path to follow.You showed me the right path always and I followed it blindly.The concepts of subnetting,supernetting,TCP/IP and all became so easy to understand,just because of you. :) He always tells his fans that go to any interview(as a fresher) and tell the interviewer that Networking is your favourite subject and then ask him that you want to take his interview. :D You are the incarnation of God for your disciples sir and to be your fan is the ultimate blessing for me. Many students think that Ravi Sir is good in teaching Computer Networking however the truth is that "He is the GABBAR of Networking and DON of Computer Science" All the moral values,love and smile that you give to your fans is priceless sir.Because of you I could inculcate in me the habit of getting up at 4am,to have a smile always,to help the needy,to have nutritious diet,exercise daily and many more sir (your teachings are countless)..you made me what I am today. :) And with all this I begin to love myself.You are the strength and confidence that I always needed. When so ever I feel like being in a dilemma and dont know what to do he is just a message away(with a solution). He always says that study for your own fun(Learning is Fun and Fun is motivating always).No one can ever sleep in his classes because in his classes he dont teach but set the hearts on fire. :) You gave fire to my dreams. Sir..you are such a pious soul that is so much enlightened in itself that anyone who get a chance to just meet you once get a small part of your blessed aura. :) Thank you sir :) -Tanvi pareek.


The Great Teacher – Ravindra Babu Ravula

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. Your thoughts and ideas always inspired me. Inspired me to look into myself, look for the potential inside me, my passion. Whatever you taught me just penetrated inside me and made me crack CISCO SYSTEMS( A Dream ) The way you taught me networks was incredible. You are the one who made my interest in networking. Moreover you helped me in being a more energetic person “the morning person”. I never looked beyond your notes and they are like a life savor. And now I realise that joining Gateforum was one of the best decisions i took in my life just because i met you there and learnt a lot from you. Your thoughts act like blessings for others. -Deepali Shukla.


Seriously blessed to be your student sir

Hello Ravi Sir, Today I got placed at Aricent. Its a networking company.After written Faced 1 hour interview all questions on Computer Networks with a little bit of DS(all easy), and I can say that I nailed the interview (literally) all because of you. The bigger picture in mind is still GATE 2014. While interview I was explaining like a pro to him, and the interviewer was very happy with me. Seriously blessed to be your student sir.

May your fan following break all records. Live Long and Prosper Gabbar :) -Akshay Jindal.


You are true GURUKUL teacher !!

Thank you for being the guiding lighthouse in this ocean of information and leading us all to the shores of knowledge and wisdom Everyday we have felt Iove of God in your interactions with us be it the classroom or personal lives. You are among those very few guys in my life whom I can give credit of getting into IIT. I still remember each and every statement of you and follow all your posts ,statements . I still remember your statement which is more about life "If there is nothing worth dying for, there is nothing worth living for" You are true GURUKUL teacher !! Thank you for your efforts in serving the Lord. May God continue to bless those efforts. I would like to dedicate Kabirs ji's doha to you : Even if the whole earth is transformed into paper with all the bigtrees made into papers and if the entire water in the seven oceans are transformed into writing ink, even then the glories of you cannot be written. So much is your greatness. Guru govind dou khade kake lagu pau! Bali hari guru aapne govind diyo batay!! -Nirmal Kumar Boran.IIT Delhi


An fantastic Teacher, Engineer and Human Being

Mr. Ravindrababu Ravula is certainly one of the best teachers I have had the good fortune of interacting with. Apart from a superb hold over the various topics across the spectrum of Computer science, he possesses excellent public speaking skills and is a true motivation mill. His classes are exuberant, and have a more session like flavor, giving students ample time to think on their own, something I feel is extremely conducive in developing a good understanding of the subject matter. (I don't remember anyone dozing off even during longest of his lectures). I know many students who started believing in themselves after attending his classes and went on to achieve goals they never thought were within their grasp. Interacting with him has always been a pleasure and I hope I will benefit from his association for days to come Aman Madaan-IIT Bombay, M.Tech(CSE).