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Cloud Computing & Hadoop

Google is using it, Amazon made it available for everyone by Amazon Web Services, now every .com company is built on it, and so it is the time for you to learn about it. In the year 2004, Google published a research paper called "Google's MapReduce" describing how it used cloud computing to implement the search engine. In the year 2008, Apache started an opensource implementation of Google's MapReduce called Hadoop. Almost every big .com company like Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft etc are now using it and sponsoring it.


Upon successful completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what Google's Mapreduce is.
  • How to use Hadoop and its ecosystem.
  • Apply for Google's Summer Of Code(GSOC) internship.
  • Crack any product based company interview on cloud computing.
  • Implement any research paper on Hadoop as BTech final year project.
  • Understand what kind of problems cannot be solved by MapReduce.

Target Audience:

  • Any under-graduate/graduate students from Universities, RECs, NITs, IIITs and IITs
  • Self motivated candidates from any college who want to crack big companies
  • Students who already had job offer(s) and aspire to join Big League
  • Students who want in-depth knowledge in Data Structures, Algorithms & Programming
  • Working software professionals who are looking for better opportunities in product based software companies
  • Any passionate student/working professional who wants to understand the fundamentals of computer science which are mandatory for any software developer


Passion, Interest.


  1. Basics of cloud computing, history and the evolution
  2. Google's MapReduce
  3. Hadoop
  4. Hadoop's echo system
  5. Discussion of research papers on Hadoop.

Note: Only the theory will be discussed and pointers will be provided for implementation of Hadoop on your setup.

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