Monday, March 16, 2015

Where to apply for MTech

I am giving below the list of college you could apply according to your ranks.

  1. direct admission in to IISC and IIT bombay
  1. IIT Bombay(interview)
  2. IIT kanpur(interview)
  3. direct admission in to IIT chennai, IIT Khargpur
  1. IIT kanpur(interview)
  2. IIT chennai
  3. IIT delhi(interview)
  4. IIT kharagpur
  5. IIT roorke
  6. IIT hyderabad
  7. IIT gauhati
  1. IIT Bombay(3-year degree with a Interview)
  2. IIT Kanpur(Interview)
  3. IIT Hyderabad
  4. IIT gauhati
  5. NIT trichy, NIT warangal, ISI Kolkata
  6. ISM Dhanbad
  7. IIT patna
  8. IIT jodhpur
  1. IIT Chennai(3-year Degree program)
  2. NIT surathkal
  3. NIT calicut
  4. MNIT allhabad
  1. NIT Roorkela, NIT Nagpur
  2. NSIT delhi
  1. IIIT Bengalore, IIIT delhi
  2. BARC
  3. NIT jaipur
  4. NIT surat
  5. NIT durgapur
  1. Delhi Technological University
  2. Jadhavpur University
  3. DAIICT ghandinagar
  4. All the rest of NITs
  5. NIE mysore
  6. IIIT Jabalpur
  7. IIIT gwalior
  8. JNV delhi(Mainly Research oriented)
  9. COE pune
  10. JNTU Hyderabad
  11. Osmania University
  12. Punjab Engineering College
  13. Anna University Chennai
  14. University of Hyderabad
  15. Pondicherry University
  16. VJIT Mumbai
  1. Andhra University
  2. Maha rastra Institute of Technology pune
  3. Bengal Engineering and Science University
  4. Visweswaraya University karnataka
  5. PSG Coimbattore
  6. Manipal Institute of Technology
  7. THAPAR university
  8. NIRMA university
  9. Coimbatore Institute of Technology
  10. College of Engineering Trivandraum
  11. VIT vellore
  12. SRM university
  13. SASTRA University
  14. Amritha University
  15. CBIT Hyderabad
  16. Amaravathi University
  17. Amity university
  18. Bangalore Institute of Technology
  19. JNTU Kakinada
  20. RV college of Engineering
  21. BMS college of Engineering
Apart from GATE eligible Universities, you can try 
  1. IIIT Hyderabad
  2. BITS
  3. ISI Kolkata
  4. CMI Chennai
  5. TIFR mumbai
these universities have great potential and can be compared to some of top IITs and NITs
All the best.
What next after getting results of GATE 2015
Congrats to those who made it into top 100. Please apply for ME at IISc and then for IIT Bombay too.
Those who have got in top 500, you will be able to get an in some IIT directly or through interview. You should even apply for MTech and MSc(Engg) at IISc. ME, MTech and MSc(Engg) are all same in terms of placements at IISc. Only thing that changes is the course work.
Those who are not able to get into any IIT, please join some college for masters and prepare for GATE again. Please don't drop another year if you have got some rank in GATE. I have seen many students who joined some colleges like NITs and then prepared for GATE and got into IITs next year. I really don't suggest dropping an year completely to prepare only for GATE because of many reasons.
For the past few years, I have been seeing that majority of the students are getting into top 100 in their third attempt. For example one student got in 2000's in the first attempt and 300's in the second attempt and AIR 3 in the third attempt. I rarely find students who are able to get there in their first attempt. Those who are preparing for the first time should really work hard to compete with the seniors. If you have already taken the coaching once and if you have attended all the classes, then I don't really suggest that you join the coaching again. You can just keep revising the notes and practice some questions.
So in summary I suggest the following things
1. You need to attempt GATE exam(serious attempts) for at least two times to get into top 100, unless you are naturally talented and worked hard in your BTech. (If you are preparing for the first time, I will tell you how to beat the seniors).
2. If you have already taken the coaching once, then no need to take it again. Just prepare the notes. If you are not confident in all the subjects, then you could probably join coaching again.
3. In case if you have qualified GATE 2015, I suggest that you join some college and continue your preparation. I don't really recommend dropping an year. From this year I think the stipend is going to be around Rs 12000 per month which is a decent amount and you are going to be financially independent.
4. Those who are working in some software company, please spare at least 2 hours per day from now on to prepare for GATE. It will be more than enough. No need to resign the job unless it is too hectic and your work is completely draining your energy.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Last minute tips before the examination
GATE 2015 aspirants:
 1. Sleep well for at least 8 hours from now on and don't wake up too early on the examination day.
2. Please carry a water bottle with you and a jacket. Last time it so happened that in some centres, it was too cold for those who were sitting near the window AC and some times water cooler might be far from the examination hall.
3. Try to reach the examination centre as early as possible with out last minute rush. I suggest that you don't ride or drive alone. Better book a cab or take someone with you. I even suggest that you personally go to the centre the day before if you have never been to that place.
4. Till you see the first question, you will be very nervous and it is quite natural.
5. If you see a question from a topic you prepared, your confidence will increase. Likewise, if you see a difficult question, your BP shoots up a lot. In case if you get few bad questions in a row, you will not be able to give your best in the rest of the paper. To beat this, remember that you have 30 to 40 marks as a margin of safety and in most of the papers, 60 marks is good to get into IITs. So, even if you see 10 questions in a row from the topics which you didn't prepare, don't worry, you will still be in the race.
6. I suggest that you skip the questions as soon as possible if you feel that it takes more than 3 minutes to answer. You can even follow a different approach, instead of answering all the questions one after the other in a row, read the entire question paper once and in this first reading, answer only theory questions which can be solved in a minute. During this first reading, mark all the questions which you think you can answer easily later. One advantage of first reading is that your brains will be fetching the relevant information by the time you comeback to the question second time. In the second round, answer the questions you have marked in the first round. Then go for aptitude instead of doing the difficult questions from your core subjects.
7. Only after reading the aptitude questions, come back to solve difficult questions of the core subjects.
8. Never attempt any question which you are not sure about. Zero is also better than a negative mark. Control your temptation to answer a question just because you know the topic.
9.  Only if you have courage to see 10 bad questions in a row and still answer the 11th question with a cool head, you will be able to get a good rank.
10. Remember that it is not the end. What ever you have learned will change your life in a profound way. There is will always be another chance. You need not prove any thing to anyone.
Mistakes are common. No one is exception!!!
It is not time to solve questions or take mock tests. With the kind of stress you must be having now, you will not be able to solve a question even if it easy and it just hurts your confidence. Don't forget that others are also will be doing the same kind of silly mistakes. I know you feel anxious and exhausted, but the fact is you are not alone. Every aspirant will be having the same fears you have and so the field is again levelled. I took this exam two times and I observed one thing. Initially when I was on my way to the exam hall and when I was waiting in the room for the exam to start, I felt very restless and anxious because I used to feel that I forgot everything. But, once I started the exam, I forgot the world. I got involved in answering one question at a time and topics I thought I forgot just popped up whenever needed. Sometimes even when a topic doesn't come up when needed, it pops up when I was solving other question. So, it is just an illusion your brain tries to sell you that you are not ready and  you don't remember anything. Our brain doesn't answer vague questions like "Do you remember everything?" , but if you ask it a specific question like "Can you answer this question?" , the answer will be an YES. One more point I want to add is that, in both my attempts, I think I have prepared only 80 percent of the syllabus(I never prepared for mathematics, confidence or over confidence I cannot figure out). I scored only around 60 percent marks but ended up in top 100. I made silly mistakes in the exam that you might even laugh at, but still only few others were able to do better. You need not be perfect, you have to do well in comparison to your competition. Fear is real, accept it and believe that it will not harm you in the exam in anyway, so don't focus on it much now and don't let it affect your preparation. There will be only few gifted people and the rest are all average hard working  players like us. Use this remaining time only to revise and watch the videos that I upload. Revise, revise, revise!!!
Handle the stress
It is really difficult because people cannot work continuously for many months together. You may not be able to concentrate not because you don't have the will power or the passion. It sometimes so happens that we get exhausted so much that our productivity drops down and so taking a break at least once a week to get inspired is very important. Sometimes watching the sky leisurely inspires, sometimes listening to music inspires, sometimes some good book inspires, sometimes just taking a long shower inspires or talking to a leader in some field inspires. There are various parts of brain which normally remain inactive by solving only problems related to one area. One should work and learn about various diversified areas and engage in activities which activate all the parts just for the sake of having fun. If you cannot find anything else you can go for cycling or a long walk on a beach or play a game which involves lot of brain body coordination. Getting inspired to work is as important as the work itself.

Locking yourself in a room for moths together preparing for an exam is going to have a lot of psychological effects on you. So don't take any major decision in this stress period. Think twice before you speak or do anything. This is very crucial period especially for those who have left the job for preparation. Try to be very mindful about what you think, speak or do. You don't want to mess up your personal life because of this undetected stress that had built up over the past few months. It takes sometime after the exam to get back to normal life. Just remember it is not you who is acting now, it is you and the stress together that is acting on your behalf and so try to control every action. I do not know how to express it clearly but please controls your emotions during this high stress period.

Some tips for the last 20 days remaining
Since the exam is in few days, try to save as much time as possible by sleeping less (without affecting your concentration levels), commuting less and cutting down time on social sites. Revise things more which you feel require some memory like compilers, pointers etc. And go through each topic of mathematics and at least know what the topic actually mean. Whenever you feel anxious, drink lot of water or do some mild workout. Avoid studying on bed especially those who are in north india as this winter is too cold and you might sleep if you sit on bed. Try to make up the time now itself, because in the last one week, you might have to sleep for at least 7 hours per day.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Get inspired

A student sent this email

Hello Sir, 

Just wanted to share something, Learning continously from your videos. I am a 2012 passout. Last year i had only 20 marks and i am very nervous that if this year i wont get a good rank, what will i do, no one would give me job since i am 2012 passout and this thought is affecting my studies from last 8-10days. Any suggestions will be very helpful.
I think many of you must be having a similar doubt in your minds. So I am sharing the reply with you all.
You are right. Fear of failure is real. Actually 99 percent of the students will be thinking the same now. There are two solutions for this, 
1. External inspiration.
2. Internal motivation. 
External inspiration comes from reading about great people. How they have changed the world and how their dreams are different from others. How they had overcome the tough times and how they didn't think about fitting in the society.There are various things to be scared of. But the only fear worth your thoughts should be the one that your might die useless without contributing anything worthy to the world. I suggest that if you have time please read about Nicholas Tesla. Every minute of your life, you should live inspired. The more you know about great people and great work, the more you will get inspired. It is like the start dust rubs on you by spending the time reading about the stars. 
Internal motivation comes from believing in yourself and knowing that you have learned a lot and improved over the past few months and at this pace of learning, you could do more in the coming years. Giving a pep talk to yourself every three hours to keep you motivated really helps in overcoming this fear. This is an ancient technique which was followed by great kings. But in their cases, they had other people to give the pep talk. But you should do it yourself now. If you are serious about your success, make it a habit.