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Programming & Algorithms


Any successful software product is always produced with the efforts of team of good software engineers. A good software engineer must possess good problem solving skills. Most of the product companies like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, MicroSoft, Adobe, Rediff, Amazon, Fair Issac, D E Shaw, QualComm, ComVault, Oracle etc..., need software engineers who had excellent problem solving skills.

This workshop provides a platform to improve your problem solving skills besides providing strong fundamental knowledge on DataStructues and Algorithms. The workshop focuses more on discussions in the class which allows the participants to come up with new ideas.


Upon successful completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Enhance Thinking process
  • Crack any product company interview/written tests
  • Think through the solution techniques to any problem
  • Improve the analysis skills of the algorithms generated by themselves/others
  • Find and apply proper data structures for the algorithm implementation
  • Enhance the coding skills to maximum possible level
  • Apply Algorithmic knowledge to real-world Problem Solving

Target Audience:

  • Any under-graduate/graduate students from Universities, RECs, NITs, IIITs and IITs
  • Self motivated candidates from any college who want to crack big companies
  • Students who already had job offer(s) and aspire to join Big League
  • Students who want in-depth knowledge in Data Structures, Algorithms & Programming
  • Working software professionals who are looking for better opportunities in product based software companies
  • Any passionate student/working professional who wants to understand the fundamentals of computer science which are mandatory for any software developer


Passion, Interest.


  1. Importance of Problem Solving
  2. Array and Vector
  3. Stack & Queue
  4. Linked List
  5. Priority Queue
  6. Binary Tree
  7. Binary Search Tree & Balanced Search Tree(AVL/RB)
  8. Hash Table
  9. Tries & Patricia Tries
  10. Ternary Search Trees
  11. Sorting Techniques
  12. Searching techniques
  13. Recursion
  14. Divide and Conquer Algorithms
  15. Greedy Algorithms
  16. Dynamic programming
  17. Back Tracking
  18. Graphs
  19. Suffix Array, Suffix Tree & String Algorithms
  20. BitArray & Bloom Filter

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